Depression Tattoo Ideas

This depression tattoo shows a girl cradled up next to the wall sad alone and crying. Small Black Ink Scissor Depression Tattoo Made On Thumb.

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The tattoo shows magnificent tidal waves with crests touching and nearly covering what is a white sun.

Depression tattoo ideas. The tattoo tells how modern-day competition has lost humanity and sportsmanship all while caged in a box with no escape. Artsy tattoos can also look unique and will symbolize depression in their own way as well as your hidden dreams and passion. Semicolon Depression Tattoo Design.

From the semicolon tattoo popularized by the anti-suicide campaign Project Semicolon to the green ribbon that symbolizes mental health awareness tattoos inspired by. It will suit men who work out the best as well as anyone who wants to stand out with something dramatic. Check out these 10 tattoos for people who battle depression for ideas.

Some depression Image ideas include words like beat it or get well soon. You should always talk to your tattoo artist about what kind of depression style you are interested in so that he or she can design a Tattoo design that fits your personality and expresses your struggles with depression. This piece of art symbolizes your paths.

There are a variety of different symbols and sayings that are used as representations of fighting depression. The author of this depression tattoo is Shosho. Stand Tall Flower Wine Depression Tattoo On Wrist.

Many choose to get these depression tattoos as a symbol or reminder to keep moving forward and to stay strong. One popular tattoo that supports the idea of moving forward from depression and continuing to show yourself compassion is a tattoo of the word love Again you can link this type of tattoo more strongly to have a meaning related to depression by adding a semicolon somewhere to the design. This depression tattoo will look great over your arm or your forearm.

This depression tattoo shows a sad girl lying down in an all too familiar position that most depression sufferers have likely seen. Small Chemical Depression Tattoo Design For Guys. Depression Tattoo 15 The Green Ribbon is often considered to be a symbol of bipolar and other mood disorders and may make for another great depression tattoo.

Promises To Keep Depression Tattoo Design For Lower Arm. 5 Depression Tattoos Medically reviewed by Timothy J. Below we will discuss some of the more popular tattoos for those dealing with depression.

This symbol was decided in Mental health Awareness month and the idea was to promote open conversation about mental health and challenges the associated stigma that sometimes comes with it. If you are someone who deals with depression or you have a loved one who bravely battles this mental struggle on a regular basis you may want to express the bravery and strength it takes to deal it in the form of a tattoo. Legg PhD CRNP Written by the Healthline Editorial Team Updated on June 8 2018 Share on Pinterest.

Semicolon Red Ink Depression EKG Tattoo Design. The artist traps the waves within a diamond box to add symbolic meaning to the overall design. Nice Chemical Depression Tattoo Design Made On Wrist.

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