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This can stop your lungs from exchanging oxygen and. Long term dysphoric dissociative states -.

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Eventually youll FIEND for sobriety.

Dxm health effects. If that happens the brain can stop sending signals to the lungs to breathe causing serious damage or death. When it is taken in higher doses it causes disassociative hallucinations that can result in euphoria. One particularly dangerous side effect of DXM is hyperthermia extremely high fever.

In contrast to codeine DXM provides effective cough suppression without analgesia strong sedation and respiratory depression. For some intense and rhythmic music induces a state of euphoria and dancing becomes fun. Substances like DXM Dissociatives and the part of the brain they act on can really mess up your psyche if abused irresponsibly.

Effects of DXM at low doses can be similar to alcohol producing carefree clumsiness with a touch of psychedelic and speedy effect. Dependence could be associated with withdrawal effects which can include depression dysphoria and insomnia. It can be addictive cause liver issues and even depress or stop breathing altogether.

1102020 In higher doses DXM effects replicate ketamine and PCP. Dextromethorphan DXM is the major cough-suppressing ingredient in dozens of over-the-counter cough medicines. Initially DXM was developed and researched as an alternative to codeine an opioid cough suppressant.

DXM is an opioid though it doesnt act on the bodys opioid receptors. Even though it is considered mild in medicinal doses it can be seriously dangerous if abused. DXM might seem safe since its sold over the counter.

In many states there are no regulations of any kind on the sale of products containing this drug so any child can buy a bottle. You may notice the following effects associated with DXM use. Not knowing if you or the people around u are real etc.

At extremely high doses DXM can lead to a coma or even be lethal by suppressing the central nervous system. Dizziness or loss of coordination. High doses of Chlorpheniramine Maleate can cause severe and life-threatening symptoms including seizures loss of consciousness bleeding from skin mouth rectum and vagina and possibly death.

2212015 Some brands of DXM containing cough-syrups including Drixoral Cough and Fever contain acetaminophen. The federal government only released label requirements that made usage and safe doses clear. When the medication is taken as instructed it is safe and virtually poses no harm.

There are a number of different dextromethorphan side effects depending on any other chemicals the DXM might be mixed with. Parents and others who supervise teens should be alert to notice any of the following effects of Dextromethorphan abuse. 9102017 Now DXM users and potential users of DXM can become better educated on possible side effects toxicity issues of concern potentially deadly combinations and the internet community can hopefully learn more respect and shed the frivolous stance on DXMs availability as a recreational drug.

Loosing your sense of selfpersonality. 1252021 DXM doses ranging from 100 to 200 milligrams will produce effects similar to mild doses of molly or ecstasy including euphoric feelings positivity and increased energy and sociability levels. Intoxication symptoms such as slurred speech.

There is little information on the potentially addictive nature of DXM but some people can become addicted to the intoxicating effects on a psychological level and chronically abuse DXM. But large quantities can cause dangerous side effects including loss of consciousness seizures brain damage and death. When DXM became a popular substance of abuse in the mid-2000s few local or state governments banned it.

912020 DXM is the main active ingredient found in nearly 90 of over-the-counter cough and cold medicines. Unfortunately it has also become a very popular drug of abuse. 4162020 DXM depresses the central nervous system CNS which controls your breathing.

What are the long-term effects of DXM abuse.

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