Healthy Diet While Breastfeeding

Starchy foods such as wholemeal bread pasta rice and potatoes. Your baby gets these omega 3s from your breast milk.

What To Eat Whilst Breastfeeding Healthy Diets During Breastfeeding

Lastly discuss your diet with your doctor so they can make sure there arent any additional foods you should avoid.

Healthy diet while breastfeeding. Avoid excess sodium processed foods and sugarartificial sweeteners. Here are some nutritious and delicious food choices to prioritize when breastfeeding. What foods should i eat while breast feeding.

Salmon seaweed shellfish sardines. Breastfeeding also increases your need for. Food calories per day is recommended for well nourished breastfeeding mothers compared with the amount they were consuming before pregnancy approximately 2300 to 2500 kcal per day for breastfeeding women verses 1800 to 2000 kcal per day for moderately active non pregnant women who are not breastfeeding.

Chicken beef lamb pork organ. A healthy diet includes. To promote milk production aim for a well rounded diet rich in fruits vegetables whole grains dairy protein and healthy fats says lisa lewis md a pediatrician in fort worth texas.

Focus on making healthy choices to help fuel your milk production. Some fish especially cold water fish also contain dha and epa omega 3 fats that play an important role in the brain and eye development that continues during your babys first year. Eat healthy foods such as whole grains lean meats fruits veggies and nutsseeds.

The american heart association recommends fish for a heart healthy diet. You dont need to eat anything special while youre breastfeeding. Folate for example leafy green vegetables such as spinach broccoli cabbage and brussel sprouts vitamin c for example citrus fruits berries tropical fruit tomatoes capsicum and potatoes vitamin a for example dark green and yellow vegetables such as broccoli carrots and pumpkin.

At least 5 portions of a variety of fruit and vegetables a day including fresh frozen tinned and dried fruit and vegetables and no more than one 150ml glass of 100 unsweetened juice. Opt for protein rich foods such as lean meat eggs dairy beans lentils and seafood low in mercury. But its a good idea for you just like everyone else to eat a healthy diet.

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